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Breakthrough Transformation Sessions

A breakthrough session is a 3 hour transformational experience with Gillian who has deep knowledge and experience of eating distress. Whatever your problem you will find compassion, inspiration and understanding.

What you will gain from a breakthrough session

Anyone with an eating disorder is suitable for a  breakthrough session.  Gillian will listen, make complete sense of the problem, what is keeping the ED active in your life and she will help you deal with any fear of change and motivation to recover. You will experience a sense of trust from Gillian's eating disorder expertise and discover important things that may be a surprise to you, no matter how much therapy you have had before. She will find out what needs to change, even what can be done right now. During the session work, changes to the anorexic Voice are usually achieved as well as dealing with unhelpful or incorrect information about food, appetite and weight;  and identifying any signs of past trauma.

After a Breakthrough session

After a Breakthrough if you then wish to move forward Gillian can ‘hit the ground running’ with the healing you have already done together and decide with her what that may entail.

Session report

thrapy chair

A full report of what we have done together and any further recommendations will be sent to you shortly after your appointment.

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