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"A balanced life is a smart life!"


 I believe that balance is key to having a good quality of life and the best chance of being fulfilled and experiencing well-being and happiness. Experiencing too much stress, unhappiness, excessive exercise, dieting, over eating, negative behaviours and self-talk, I could go on..... can bring dis-ease. Of course, that balance is different for us all. A life restricted not just from food but human connection, love, joy, fulfilment may lead to the same. If we are more balanced we can handle challenging life events much easier.

In my work many clients come to me as their life has somehow become overwhelming, destabilised, and is not serving them well but impacting their health and wellbeing.


 I will be right alongside you whilst together we will look at current issues, negative past history and how this may be continually emerging in new circumstances and relationships and how you may wish to make changes to get balance back in your life. As a Master Practitioner for eating disorders too, I see how imbalance impacts clients physically and mentally and we work together to try to make sense of how life is no longer inline with your values and how we can rewire neural pathways that are causing distress. Whatever type of eating distress you experience we are always working towards  improving quality of your life.


Facing life challenges alone can be really tough and can bring feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and a sense of being lost and isolated. Counselling and psychotherapy can be life changing, helping you see things much clearer, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself, who you are and where you want to be. I offer long term work or shorter depending on what you would like to achieve.

As an experienced accredited BACP practitioner I can provide a confidential counselling & psychotherapy service in various settings and have a Neurodiversity affirmative approach. Not one size fits all in therapy so I offer clients either face to face sessions, walk & talk, or online sessions. The benefits of having therapy in blue or green spaces are many and for some clients walking and talking is easier than being in a face to face dynamic. There is much to be said about the unity that is experienced walking side by side with someone and the therapeutic relationship, as well as the physical and psychological forward movement. Together we can build a trusting, open and honest relationship which will allow you the space to talk, be heard and work through challenges you may be facing. Whatever setting suits you, I bring a wealth of experience to help you make the changes necessary to rebalance you.


I am an accredited member of the BACP and ensure that their code of ethics is followed. I am fully insured and also a provider for AXA , WPA and Cigna Health Care companies.


Mob: 07794556608 




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