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"Gillian is extremely empathic and a great listener so we were easily able to establish a therapeutic alliance which supported me to work through a number of troublesome areas in my life. It is a credit to Gillian's ability as a counsellor that I am still employing many of the tools, techniques and skills developed during our sessions on a very regular basis. I am still benefitting from the personal development that came about as a direct result of our sessions. I would 100% recommend Gillian"

Client Ms.G

"I don't think I could have gotten through the last 6 months without Gillian's help & support. I felt so comfortable with her and was actually sad when my therapy came to an end! But I know I am now equipped to deal with things so much better"

Client Miss C

"We were recommended to Gillian by a friend. My husband and I would like to thank Gillian personally for everything she has done for our daughter who has been battling with an eating disorder since she was 16. If it wasn't for Gillian, I am not sure we would be witing a review so soon. Her advice & knowledge has armed our daughter with the tools she needs to cope with unexpected hiccups that she may come up against in the future. At the age of 18 our daughter is now enjoying life. taking a gap year, and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. The AN voice has subsided, and she is able to ignore and continue with her life like any other teenager! Thank you Gillian"

Parents Mr & Mrs Y

"I received counselling from Gillian over a period of 2 years for anxiety & low self esteem as a result of childhood trauma. She was supportive and non-judgmental as we worked through the various issues from my childhood and how they impacted my present-day life. She always created a safe space to explore my feelings. I have benefitted greatly from her skills and compassion as a therapist."

Client Mr A

“I received therapy with Gillian over a year and I have to say that Gillian’s professionalism, warmth and empathy has really helped me. She was never afraid to challenge me when needed but also knew when to just hold space for me. Highly recommend.”
Client Mr T
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